My Name is Emily

On her 16th birthday, Emily and her new friend Arden set off to break her troubled, biological father out of a psychiatric institution.

Atomic Hope

Atomic Hope follows a tiny global movement of pro-nuclear activists, who strongly believe we need nuclear power in order to decarbonize our energy systems and avoid calamitous climate change.

It's Not Yet Dark

The ground breaking journey of Simon Fitzmaurice, an award winning young Irish film maker with ALS (MND), as he embarks on directing his first feature film through the use of his eyes and eye gaze technology.

The Grass Ceiling

Three successful female athletes explore how being physically courageous, unapologetically competitive and deeply passionate in team sports enables them to feel confident in their own skin.

Just Saying

Screened at the Dublin Film Festival 2013. Screenings at the Moscow Irish Film Festival and The Toronto Irish Film Festival, Eat My Shorts and more TBC in 2013. Broadcast on RTE Short Screen, 2013.


Dan’s night out is cut short when his new girlfriend, Jenny suffers a traumatic attack. Dan faces an important decision that will define his very character and his future.